The From Slavery To Victory Education Project (FSTVEP) is the fulfillment of a burden Rev. Kelley has had to make a difference among black Americans.  Its long-term objective is to present a biblical worldview of and such a compelling case for the purposeful activity of God in black American history that salvation and revival comes to many.  He has written and produced an award winning national Radio Special for the project.  Also, he has written a tract, a booklet on race relations and archived Journals (a continuing tie-in with the Radio Special).  These items may be viewed and/or purchased on the project Web Site.


The FSTVEP Web Site lays out the Does God Care About African Americans? Tract in a historically accurate and visually challenging way causing each visitor to soberly reflect while considering the accompanying biblically inspired text.   Additionally, an audio message to Christian black Americans by Rev. Kelley entitled, Restoring Father's And Children's Hearts, a Twenty Year Anniversary Project Interview  with him and several specially created thought provoking pages make the Web Site a must visit.   Too, visit and like the yearlong 25th Anniversary Facebook Page with weekly posts.